About Us

Graffix Promotionals Inc. is the most preferred distributor of promotional products on Vancouver Island. Clients are happy with the great care with which Graffix facilitate the purchase of their promotional goods from manufacturers. Graffix staff have knowledge of the industry and clients have expressed gratitude and satisfaction Graffix staff have helped them make perfect choices. Graffix clients are thrilled with the unfailingly outstanding service they have received from Graffix Promotionals Inc. Graffix Promotionals Inc. have extensive knowledge and experience of promotional advertising and are able to guide customers when developing promotional campaigns and selecting products. Clients have used the expertise of Graffix Promotionals Inc. to develop successful combinations of products, events, and media, particularly as different promotional giveaways are more effective in different situations. Clients have confirmed that their purchases of consumer and corporate promotional items from Graffix Promotionals have made a lasting and positive impression on recipients. Graffix Promotionals Inc. staff know which products are most appreciated. They are aware of the latest trends in promotional products and their customers appear cutting edge by using those products in their campaigns.

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